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April 24th, 2004

01:59 pm - Private RP with Lisa
I sit down in a corner of the common room, with my chess set on my lap. The pieces are milling around a bit anxiously. Probably they can sense how nervous I am. Is she going to come?

My heart is beating fast, and I wonder how Lisa feels about us being romantic leads in the play. Even though I asked Professor Sinistra to change me, I can't help being excited...but it's just because I'm glad that I'm going to spend more time with her. I've been lonely since Cho and I had that fight.

I glance up at the clock and fidget. Where is she?

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April 23rd, 2004

07:24 pm
RP between Marietta and Sinistra. Marietta tries to explain why she can't be Lysander, but to no avail.Collapse )

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March 18th, 2004

03:00 pm - Private
I ripped the hem out of my new uniform skirt. It makes it a little bit longer, which is something, and maybe I can claim poor quality stitching for it.

It gave me something to do, last night, while I was sitting up, unable to sleep. How could Cho take Harry's side? He insulted me in public, and she thinks it's all right?

For six years, it was Marietta and Cho. Sure, there were boys like Cedric in and out of the picture, but it was always really just the two of us.

And now it's Cho and Harry. And I'm nowhere. No one else will ever want to be my friend, and so it's just me.

Marietta the sneak.
Current Mood: crushedcrushed

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12:11 am - Private RP with Cho
After my fight with Harry, I returned to my dormitory, and spent the rest of the day there crying. I didn't care about classes or homework or meals, everything had come crashing down on me again. Everyone hated me. They always would.

As twilight falls, I hear the noise of the door handle turning. "Cho?"

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March 16th, 2004

01:02 pm - Private RP with Harry
I walk along the hallways after class, distracted as I consider my homework, and all that I need to get done. Just as I'm about to climb the stairs to Professor Binns' classroom, I see the last person in the world that I want to coming down the steps. Harry Potter.

Swallowing slightly, I open my mouth. He's Cho's boyfriend. I have to be nice. "Hi, Harry." My voice comes out low and almost shaking.

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March 3rd, 2004

01:36 pm - Some realizations
I realized, today, all the things that we Hogwarts students have to look forward to in the near future:

An examination to test our knowledge of classical languages
Mr. Crabbe and Mr. Goyle teaching us music appreciation
In the case of Ravenclaw girls, bronze miniskirts

Does anyone have anything to sacrifice to the gods that we've apparently offended?

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March 2nd, 2004

10:15 am - Open
Sitting in the common room, I stare at the toad, now perched on my knee. I suppose I must name it. It won't do to call it Toad forever, though that worked well enough with my youngest cousin, much to his dismay.

I would name it Marietta, but I'm afraid hardly anyone else would get the humour of that, and those who did would use it against me.

It's not a bad toad, really, though all it seems to want to do is curl up and fall asleep on top of me. Preferably on bare skin. In the middle of the night.

If it gives me warts, I shall give it to Professor Snape to harvest for potions ingredients.
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

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March 1st, 2004

12:15 pm
As I sit down to breakfast, I'm happy to see the family owl swooping towards me. There's a package attached, and when I look at it, I see there's a tag on it sayinf, "Happy birthday, Marietta." This tells me two things. First, that my parents don't know that my birthday was two months ago, and second, that they don't know that the house-elf already sent me a present with their names on it.

Opening the package, I found...a toad. A TOAD. As if I didn't have enough problems. Now I'll probably end up like that ridiculous Gryffindor boy, chasing after my toad constantly.

I glare at the toad and contemplate squashing it, but it croaks at me rather reproachfully, and I don't think I can bring myself to do it.

Maybe I should name it Harry. It looks like Umbridge, though, and that hardly makes me any fonder of it.

Am I really going to have to write a thank you note saying, "Dear Mother and Daddy, thank you for the lovely toad"?

Current Mood: irritatedirritated

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February 29th, 2004

08:24 pm - Private
I know the other girls are beginning to think that I'm vain because the first thing I do every morning is rush to the mirror. I don't think they quite realize, though, that every morning I'm terrified that the marks will have come back. Sneak. I did sneak, and I told when I promised not to tell, and sometimes even I don't understand why. I know that being afraid of my mother had something to do with it, but I think there was something more. Maybe jealousy of Harry? But that's stupid because Cho is just my friend. I don't know. I do know that I hate Hermione Granger, though. Not that it matters, since I'm sure she rarely even remembers my existence, but I do. Still, every morning that the marks aren't there, I feel a little better. Not much, but a little.
Current Mood: sadsad

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